The Facilities and Healthcare Engineers Associations [FHEA] purpose is to advance the development of engineering or facilities management in all types of facilities. This organization is organized exclusively for a charitable, scientific and educational purposes and is not for profit. In an effort to promote and advance the field of engineering or facilities management, FHEA has sponsored awards up to $10,000 annually in scholarship money to deserving undergraduate students. The disciplines of engineering that qualify for the scholarships are:   Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Civil.

Eligible students must be enrolled in accredited colleges, universities or technical schools that would enable the student to enter or to be updated in engineering or facilities management for all types of facilities.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by a committee assigned by the Board of Directors of FHEA. This committee will recommend to the board the frequency and monetary amount of the scholarships to be awarded.  The deadline for scholarships is the first Friday in May.

Final decisions will be by a vote of the Board of Directors. Scholarship winners will be awarded their grants in June of the current year. The Board will periodically review the progress of the student. This review should be proactive and in the interest of the student regarding successful completion of the course of study. The Board may recommend changes in the support and encouragement provided for the recipient.

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